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3D packaging

The main product of our company for which 15 to 20 tonnes of film are used per month is 3D packaging.
We have been manufacturing this product since the establishment of our company and we deliver it mainly to our German customers. Recently there has been an increase in demand in the Czech Republic. Among the most frequently processed films for 3D packagings are LD-PE, HD-PE, anticorrosive VCI film and layered aluminum barrier films. However, we can also manufacture the packaging from any heat sealable film starting from 1pcs with in sizes of 30x30x30 cm up to several meters.  Our largest packaging so far has been 14m long.

Enquiry for 3D packaging

Let us know the dimensions of the packaging you need and we will come back to you with a price calculation. We need to know the width, length, height, film thickness, production material.